International collaborations

World Health Organization (WHO)

Collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO, in the field of Innovative Technologies That Address Global Health Concerns. Participation at the First Global Forum on Medical Devices, Bangkok, Thailand - September 2010.


“Healthcare technologies, in particular medical devices, play a fundamental role in strengthening national health systems and in improving health outcomes. Actions to ensure improved access, quality and use of medical devices, aligned with primary health care reform are needed. WHO has convened the First Global Forum on Medical Devices to mobilize stakeholders to establish networks and share knowledge on best practices, information and tools available. The forum provides an opportunity for discussion on the challenges and approaches to implement the First Resolution on Health Technologies adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2007. The  critical role of medical device policies in national health strategies, health technology management systems, regulation, assessment of universal access and patient centered care are presented.”


Heart Friends Around The World (HFATW)

Collaboration with the scientific and organizing secretary of Heart Friends Around the World (HFATW,, an association affiliated with the World Heart Federation (WHF), whose objective is to promote the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the world through a network of international collaborations which includes more than 1,000 cardiologists from more than 100 countries. A joint project with the World Health Organization (WHO) aims at continuing medical education for health workers in developing countries.

Scholarship of Heart Friends Around the World

San Pellegrino Terme, Bergamo, Italy –  May 2010