Initiatives and activities

Working Group "Energy Week", Order of the Engineers of the Province of Bergamo, Italy

Participation in the Working Group "Energy Week", established by the Order of the Engineers of the Province of Bergamo, Italy, in June 2010. Goal of the multidisciplinary working group is the preparation of documents to be presented during the event "Energy Week", which takes place every year in Bergamo, Italy, in November: objective of the conferences is to raise public awareness on new and renewable energy sources and on a rational use of energy efficiency. For the 2010 edition, oral communication: "Health effects of combustion products on human organism".


Covenant of Mayors, Province of Bergamo, Italy

Participation at the conference for the presentation on how the European initiative called “Covenant of Majors” ( is implemented in the Province of Bergamo: Covenant of Mayors - opportunities and advantages for energy saving. Bergamo, Italy, March 2010.

In December 2008, the European Union Europe adopted the “Climate-Energy Package: 20/20/20 goal”. The package states that by 2020 Europe has to reduce emissions of CO2 by 20%, to increase energy efficiency by 20% and to reach the percentage of 20% for renewable energy in its global energy consumption. This idea led to the birth of the Covenant of Mayors, a European project that focuses on the role that individual local governments have in the fight against climate change. The Covenant of Mayors is a voluntary agreement signed between the Majors and the European Commission in order to implement policies and local measures to increase the use of renewable energy sources and to promote energy saving. Participating Majors must submit the SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan), identifying the status and the areas of intervention. Technical and economic skills are essential to completing the SEAP. Majors may use internal expertise or can be assisted by an ESCO (Energy Service Company).